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Japanese Spider Crabs

Japanese spider crabs inhabit the deep sea around the coast of Japan and are caught mainly by trawlers with their dragnet fishing.
The best way of cooking spider crabs to bring out their deliciousness is steaming and roasting in a covered pan. This helps the crab butter not to melt away from the crust and keep its good flavor and taste. The crab butter (also called crab innards) of spider crabs is exquisite for its rich and creamy taste, therefore makes the spider crabs very unique and different from all the other kinds of crabs.

You can enjoy the crab paw meat either by roasting it for more enriched taste or by sashimi for more natural and fresh taste. Tempura, the deep fried crab paw meat, is also recommended to enjoy its flavor mixed with its natural salty taste.
Since each individual spider crab has its own meat quality and taste, the keen eyes, reliable skills and the rich experience of the expert cooks make a big difference in cooking the crabs.
Above all, please come to Marukichi and try our spider crabs, the best Japanese spider crabs that you can ever meet.

“Fun to Watch , Tasty to Eat” Deep-sea Fish

There inhabit various kinds of deep-sea fish in Suruga Bay, the deepest bay of Japan, within its abundant ocean resources. Deep-sea fish such as rossy seabass which is excellent for sashimi or simmered dish, dottyback that is sweet and rich in nutritious fat and greeneyes which is best when marinated and deep fried are highly praised by many people that their unique appearances contradict their fabulous taste.
Please come and enjoy the rare, fine delicacy of deep-sea fish caught from the Suruga Bay, one of the most famous deep-sea fish spots of Japan.

Recommended Dinner Courses and Dishes

Cherry Blossom Course

Cherry Blossom Course   6,000yen/person

Sashimi of local fish served on a boat-like plate
Spider crab
Simmered fish
Sashimi of freshwater prawn
Turbo cooked in its own shell
Rasted prawn
This course is a large satisfying meal with a wide variety of seafood.

※The picture is showing a course serving for two. We take orders of this course from two guests.

image:Kaisendon (Seafood bowl)

Kaisendon (Seafood bowl)   1,300yen/person

Sashimi of various seasonal fresh seafood caught in Suruga Bay such as deep-sea fish and other local fish and prawn in sashimi are served on top of a bowl of vinegared rice.
Served with miso soup and vinegared dish.

image:Heda Set Meal

Heda Set Meal   2,500yen/person

This is a big set meal including tempura of the local spider crab, combination sashimi platter of fresh local fish, other small dishes, miso soup and a dessert.

image:Spider Crab Croquettes

	Spider Crab Croquettes   500yen/2 pieces

The croquettes are filled with plenty of spider crab meat. You can enjoy both the crispy texture of the croquette and the excellent flavor of the crab.
Please note that the croquettes are limited in quantity.

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